(Danae Webb/Facebook)

On Sunday, January 21st, Victoria Buzz reader Danae Webb contacted us about helping her find her grandmother’s lost wedding ring.

Her grandmother, Jean Webb, wore that ring for 42 years before unfortunately misplacing it on Thursday, January 18th. Danae speculates that it might have been lost at the View Royal casino, Walmart at Uptown, or in Save-on-Foods at University Heights.

For the past few days, Jean has called around frantically searching for her beloved ring with no luck – so she turned to Facebook for help!

She is offering a cash reward to anyone who can help her find the ring, which is identical to her husbands’ ring pictured here.


A love story that stood the test of time

Jean met her husband Murray Webb at The Forge (now called the Sticky Wicket) in the early 1970s. They started dancing together, and were married just two years later!

Both Jean and Murray were born and raised in Victoria and spent their entire lives – over 70 years – here. Now they want your help locating this important token of their love.

If you have any information about the ring, please send a message to Danae Webb on Facebook.

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