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McDonald’s is bringing back the Big Mac Bacon burger for a limited time!


McDonald’s Canada is celebrating Big Mac’s 50th anniversary by bringing back the Big Mac Bacon for a limited time.

Everybody’s favourite drunk/hangover food, the Big Mac, is celebrating its 50th birthday in 2018 and for the occasion McDonald’s Canada is bringing back the Big Mac Bacon.

The first time the Big Mac Bacon was introduced, Canadians all over debated over whether or not this new take on the burger was still the Big Mac they know and love – and over 60% of voters agreed that it was!

Only available for a limited time

McDonald’s is going all out for their flagship burger’s birthday by hosting a number of Big-Mac-focused activities around the world throughout the year.

In Canada, the Big Mac Bacon will be available at participating McDonald’s locations from January 30th onwards, for a limited time only.

LIFEHACK: If the Big Mac Bacon becomes a fast favourite and they take it off the menu, just order your usual Big Mac with a side of bacon, stick it in the burger, and voila! You’ve just made your very own Big Mac Bacon!

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