Victoria Police Needle
(File photo)

One of Victoria’s recent needle-based incidents has reached a somewhat reassuring conclusion.

A needle from a syringe that pricked three-year-old at the McDonald’s restaurant at 980 Pandora Avenue on January 8th has been determined to have not been placed maliciously and to have been used for a medical purpose.

Victoria Police made the announcement after speaking with witnesses, reviewing surveillance footage and speaking with the individual who used the needle.

Relieving, but Troubling

While officers said they are relieved that this incident has been determined to not be malicious, it is still troubling when people do not dispose of their needles properly, regardless of their purpose.

This incident should serve as a reminder to dispose of needles in an appropriate receptacle. Not doing so can result in dangerous consequences as was the case in this incident.

A separate investigation continues into the needle incident on Johnson Street.