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After two weeks, the Alberta government’s boycott of B.C. wine has come to an end.

On Thursday afternoon, B.C. Premier John Horgan announced that his government would look to the courts regarding the implementation of a temporary ban on increased exports of bitumen from Alberta.

Shortly afterwards, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announced the end of the wine ban.

Horgan and Notley Still On Different Wavelengths

John Horgan
Photo via Twitter

Horgan said the B.C. government is filing a constitutional reference case.

“The contentious point that was drawing the ire of the province of Alberta and some consternation from the federal government will be put to the courts,” said Horgan. “We want to make sure British Columbia as a government is focused on the issues that matter to them.”

Though Horgan denied that the move is akin to B.C. backing down, Notley played up the move as a victory for Alberta.

Rachel Notley
(Rachel Notley/Facebook)

“In a small way, B.C. blinked,” said Notley.

“I’m confident the courts will not give B.C. rights it does not possess under the constitution. In other words, I’m confident the constitution will be upheld and we will see the last of these ridiculous threats.”


The standoff between B.C. and Alberta began on Jan. 30, after Horgan’s government raised the possibility of an interim ban on increased exports, which would’ve in turn affected Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion from Edmonton to Burnaby.