Imagine being a baby subjected to cruelty, then getting nursed back to health and waiting months to go home with a loving family, only to be cooked and eaten for dinner…

That’s what happened to Molly, a three-year-old Vietnamese potbelly pig who was taken in by the SPCA as part of a cruelty investigation, nursed back to health, and then adopted by a Duncan couple on January 19th.

According to Global News,  when Molly’s new owners realized they did not know anything about how to take care of a pig, they decided to kill, season, and eat her – all the while broadcasting their cooking process on Snapchat.

No laws against it

Although everyone at the SPCA’s Cowichan & District branch is heartbroken, there is little they can do to punish the couple for what they did – even though they had signed an agreement not to use the pig as food.

Under Canadian law, animals are considered the property of the individuals who adopt them, so even if the pet in question had been a dog or a cat, it would be perfectly legal for the owner to kill it.

“Unless an animal is left to suffer, there’s absolutely no laws whatsoever that would allow us to do anything,” general manager of community relations for the BC SPCA, Lorie Chortyk told Global News. “So it’s not that we wouldn’t do anything necessarily, it’s that there’s no route.”

The person responsible for adopting Molly has been banned from adopting any other animal from the BC SPCA for the rest of his life.

Molly’s rescuers speak out

RASTA Sanctuary, the non-profit organization that was responsible for rescuing Molly from a hoarding situation last year, posted the identity of the man and his girlfriend who adopted and ate the pet pig.

The Facebook post identifies Austin Manson Forget and his girlfriend Lauren Combs as the owners, along with screenshots of Austin admitting to and joking about killing Molly.


Posted by RASTA Sanctuary on Friday, February 23, 2018

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