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Four Olympic opening ceremony outfits we love

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The Opening Ceremony is a magical moment: teams get to walk in and feel that Olympic magic they have worked their whole life to achieve. Worldwide, all eyes are on them.

With this, teams are looking to make their best impressions with their apparel. Here are four that stood out.

1 – Canada

Of course, Canada walked in looking incredible. Outfitted by Hudson Bay, a large maple leaf is clear on the back of the long parka, with Canada displayed on the front. Completing the look: toques, mittens, and stunning red boots. They were lead by flag bearers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. All biases and team pride aside – we thought they nailed it. 

2. Bermuda

THE BERMUDA SHORTS: so good! For one, a very bold move in a freezing place. Two, the cultural reference has sent the internet off.

Three members walked in for the island: flag bearer and cross country skier Tucker Murphy, along with his coaching team.  

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

3. USA

Designed by Ralph Lauren, the opening ceremony uniform for team USA was certainly sharp. The parkas are heated, the jeans are embellished, the sweaters are eye catching. Notably, the gloves, has sent the internet world into a frenzy.

4. Tonga

Pita Taufatofua made a reappearance that turned heads once again. In 2016, he went viral as he entered the stadium as a flag bearer, full shirtless and covered in oil. He competed in the Olympics in taekwondo. This time, in 2018, he is competing in cross-country skiing. He walked into the stadium with the same eye catching look, as a one man team for Tonga.



Rachel Francois
Runner, writer, yogi, coffee enthusiast and Olympic writer for Victoria Buzz.

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