Saturday, February 24, 2024

Google releases a map of the world’s favourite Olympic sports


Living in Canada, it’s hard to imagine that anyone’s favourite winter Olympic sport would be anything but hockey, but as it turns out, the rest of the world has vastly different opinions.

For the past year, Google has gathered data on sports streamed on YouTube, giving them a good idea of every country’s top-watched winter sport.

Hockey took the number one spot in Canada, USA, and Russia, but across the globe, the favourites varied.

Unusual Favourites

Most surprisingly, bobsledding took the top spot in many South American countries, including Brazil and Argentina, while curling appeared to be incredibly popular across Northern Africa.

China, Colombia, Kenya, Uganda, and the Netherlands also made up an unlikely fivesome of Speed Skating fans.

Across the globe, pockets of support for snowboarding, luge, and figure skating also popped up. Check out the interactive map yourself by clicking here.

Alistair Ogden
Former staff writer at Victoria Buzz.

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