Sexually assaulted UVic
A screenshot of the man suspected of entering a home and committing sexual assault - Photo via Saanich Police

The trial of David Robert Hope for the sexual assault, unlawful confinement and robbery of two University of Victoria international students in January of 2017 has taken a strange turn.

Jean Nadeau, an inmate at the Matsqui Institute in Abbotsford serving a sentence for sexual assault, claimed Tuesday that he actually committed the crimes that Hope is accused of.

The two victims in the case previously detailed opening their front door to a man who ordered them to remove their clothes and then sexually assaulted them.

Following the assault, they said they led him to a nearby bank machine, taking out cash to give him before fleeing to a nearby Starbucks.

Nadeau and Hope Shared Prison Unit

According to the Times Colonist, Nadeau testified that he met Hope while they were both being held in pre-trial custody.

On February 16, a DNA expert told the Jury that Hope’s DNA was found at the scene.

A tech expert also testified that multiple searches of media reports about the alleged attack were made on a phone Hope used.

Nadeau is expected to testify again today.