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Victoria law enforcement officers, psychiatrists, social workers, and other professionals in the industry are about to receive some expert advice on how to work with survivors of domestic violence.

A two-day workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday (February 13th and 14th) is being hosted by the Regional Domestic Violence Unit (comprised of officers from the RCMP, Victoria Police and Saanich Police), the University of Victoria, the BC Post-Secondary Counsellors Association, and the Provincial Office of Domestic Violence.

These groups are bringing in expert clinical psychologist Dr. Lori Haskell to help Victoria industry professionals better understand victims of domestic and sexual violence, and come up with trauma-informed ways to approach survivors of such experiences.

The end goal 

Dr. Haskell’s background as a psychologist with a focus on trauma, re-victimization,
sexual abuse and sexual violence has made her an authority on the subject. She is an academic research associate with the Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children, and has provided expert evidence in numerous legal proceedings.

Her talks delivered at the workshop are meant to give first responders and care workers a consistent and unvarying approach to helping domestic violence victims and trauma survivors.

The group also includes Victoria Women’s Transition House victim services workers, and Ministry of Children and Family Development workers.

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