As a call to attention for the gender pay gap, Canadian magazine Macleans has created two different covers for its latest magazine.

The first cover reads “Women pay $6.99 for this magazine” while the second says “Men pay $8.81 for this magazine”, reflecting the 26% difference wage gap between women and men who work full time.

The magazine cites pay equity cases brought forth by women in Canada (like Canada Post and the Ontario Provincial Police) as a reason for the necessity of this bold gesture.

They also point to studies that show the existence of a gender pay gap even after accounting for factors like industry, occupation, and age.

However Macleans has clearly stated that readers can choose which cover to purchase – so men do not actually have to pay more than women to read their latest issue.

For those who do choose to purchase the more expensive magazine, the $1.82 difference will be donated to Indspire – an indigenous-led charity – which will use it towards funding a scholarship for one indigenous woman.

Social media responds

People on Twitter and Facebook were – to put it mildly – less than impressed with their decision.

Which cover would you buy?

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