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Mark McMorris: The Quest for Gold

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Snowboarder Mark McMorris has had a year filled with adversity and pain, but this isn’t stopping him from going for gold. His 2018 Olympic Campaign begins tonight at 8pm PST in Pyeongchang.

Courtesy of Team Canada Olympics

Mark broke his right femur in February 2016, and made a return to win the world cup in the same venue as he will compete in tonight. The adversity continued, however, and he was boarding in the backcountry in late March. A devastating accident occurred, and Mark found himself with a punctured lung, 17 broken bones, and a ruptured spleen.

True to the theme of resilience, the 24 year old from Regina, Saskatchewan made an incredible comeback, competing in a big air World Cup in November 2017. He is now on a mission for the top spot on the Olympic Podium. He won the bronze medal at the last Sochi 2015 games (after he broke his rib two weeks earlier). Content, but not satisfied, it is all or nothing.

If you haven’t seen it, CBC aired a captivating and inspiring documentary called Unbroken: The Snowboard Life of Mark McMorris. It highlights his life and athletic success before his accident and has footage of the accident and recovery. It brought me to tears, and while I was already a fan, I am already ready to give him a standing ovation.

This guy is resilient.

Rachel Francois
Runner, writer, yogi, coffee enthusiast and Olympic writer for Victoria Buzz.

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