(Victoria Clipper)

Victoria’s trusty Clipper vessel is about to go into retirement.

The ship has ferried passengers to and from Victoria and Seattle ever since its inaugural voyage in 1986, and was the first vessel of its kind to offer this service.

Tonight at 5 PM, the Victoria Clipper I will make its last sunset trip from the Victoria terminal on Belleville Street, before hanging up the anchor.

The responsibility will be transferred over to the new Victoria Clipper V, which will start service in March.

The Clipper IV is also set to retire, with its last sailing slated for February 28th.

Clipper V

This new Halunder Jet vessel will be launched on March 1st, and is bigger and better than ever before!

The Clipper V is a 52-metre high-speed catamaran that will carry up to 440 passengers and travel up to 36 knots or more than 65 kilometres per hour.

Its increased capacity will allow it to travel during bad weather, and will therefore reduce cancellations. The rates and times of service will remain the same.


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