(Victoria Wine Festival)

Thanks to Alberta’s recent boycott, we now have a whole month dedicated to celebrating B.C. wine!

Instead of retaliating to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s boycott of B.C. wine with similar trade embargoes, our provincial government is showing support for the wine industry by proclaiming April as B.C. wine month.

This includes a month-long promotion on local wine at all public liquor stores in order to increase sales to make up for the loss of exports to our neighbouring province.

They’re also rolling out a series of other initiatives to support the province’s wine industry, in the wake of the Alberta embargo:

  • Increased opportunities for retailers to carry B.C. wines, including those from small and medium-sized producers
  • Storefront display promotions throughout the month of April
  • Larger variety of in-store tastings of B.C. wines
  • Funding an expansion of the Buy BC: Eat Drink Local campaign
  • Funding to expand BC VQA (Wine Authority) wines to new international markets.

Our province is home to over 350 licensed wineries with an annual impact of $2.8 billion, so the initiatives are necessary to preserve the lives of these high quality local wineries.

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