Lindsay Buziak Murder
(Lindsay Buziak)

On February 2, 2008, local realtor Lindsay Buziak was murdered in the Gordon Head area of Saanich, British Columbia. She was stabbed to death while showing a home.

Over the past decade the case has attracted international attention and numerous theories – several accumulating on, which was created by Lindsay’s father, Jeff Buziak – but so far no charges have been laid.

Jeff Buziak
Jeff Buziak – photo via

A “Walk for Justice”, organized by Jeff Buziak, was planned to depart the Royal Oak Burial Park at 10 a.m. today, travelling 17 kilometres and passing the house where Buziak was killed before ending at Saanich Municipal Hall.

Saanich Police Issue Statement

In a media release, Saanich Police said they wish to reaffirm their organizational commitment as they work towards justice for Lindsay Buziak and her family and friends.

In that same release, police also stated that they “believe multiple persons have personal and first-hand knowledge regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak and have withheld this information from police.”

However, in regards to the theories circulating online, Saanich Police stated that much of the posted information is either false, misleading, or deliberately fabricated.

Investigation Reviewed

The murder investigation conducted by the Saanich Police was subject to a review by the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices (OISP), which reaffirmed the investigational processes being undertaken by Saanich Police.

“After 10-years of work, we regret that success has not been achieved to date in our investigation,” Saanich Police said in the release. “As with other pre-planned and targeted murders, the perpetrators and/or conspirators have taken steps to avoid apprehension by police.”

As with all criminal offences in British Columbia, the standard of Crown Counsel charge approval must be met.

Saanich Police say they’re continuing to work towards success in this investigation, and that the case remains active and ongoing.

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