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A series of (hilariously) unfortunate events befall Canadian Olympic medalist

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Meagan Duhamel’s day of competition was unexpectedly unconventional.

Sometimes it takes a ridiculous moment to make an athlete seem just as clumsy, careless, or silly as the rest of us.

Figure skater and bronze medalist Meagan Duhamel had a few moments of “oops” the morning of her dominant performance on the ice this Wednesday.

(Steve Russell, Toronto Star)

To start with, she dropped her phone in an un-flushed toilet. Talk about a nasty moment to ruin your focus…

Her ability to laugh things off came through as she tweeted about it, saying “I’m heading to the rink to compete at the #olympics and I just dropped my phone into a non-flushed toilet bowl. That’s right. No better way to humble me before the biggest skate of my life”.

Was this unfortunate event good luck?

Her luck continued as she almost got on the wrong bus. It would have taken her to a different venue where she probably would have missed her event. Luckily, her German competitor Bruno Massot stopped her and made sure she was on the right one heading to the venue. Massot and his partner Aliona Savchenko won the gold at the same event. #Sportsmanship!

If her reactions to these unfortunate pre-competition events aren’t enough reasons to love her, Duhamel has adopted a puppy that was about to be sold for meat. She is coming home with a Moo-tae the Dashound, and is woo-ing her Canadian fans here at home in the process.


(EK Park/Free Korean Dogs)

Duhamel’s ability to roll with the punches is probably one of the main reasons why she is one of the best athletes in the world. We love her energy – just look at her smile after she won the bronze with her partner Eric Radford


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