V2V Empress
The V2V Empress catamaran (Kenny S Zhang)

Full steam ahead!

V2V Empress, the new Vancouver-to-Victoria luxury ferry has just announced that their daily scheduled sailings will begin on February 23rd.

Located at its home port in the Victoria inner harbour, this vessel offers state of the art facilities for its passengers during their 3-and-a-half hour voyage between two of B.C.’s greatest cities.

Tickets start at $110/per passenger each way, with three tiers of seating available. Each passenger gets complimentary Wi-Fi, USB plugins, and international power connections.

The V2V Empress is also fully stocked with food and beverage service courtesy of The Truffles Group, and comes with stabilizer systems to reduce the effects of a rough voyage.

Here’s the daily departure schedule as of February 23rd:

  • 9 AM departure from Victoria

  • 1:30 PM departure from Vancouver

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