Emergency crews are on scene. (Image: Tylor Sherman / Flickr )

This winter, the Victoria Hospitals Foundation is focused on one noble goal: they’re trying to raise $3.2 million to fund the acquisition of 34 pieces of cutting edge cardiac care equipment for Royal Jubilee and Victoria General Hospitals.

Over 200,000 patients per year rely on heart health assessment teams, and every year 6,300 cardiac procedures are performed at Royal Jubilee Hospital alone.

The upgrades and new equipment that are being fundraised for will be extremely essential to the everyday performance of doctors and health care providers at both hospitals.

So the Foundation figured that the island’s incredible community would want to help them purchase these life-saving items – and they were right!

Need-based allocation 

The lion’s share of the total funds raised will go to the Royal Jubilee Hospital, as $1.7 million is needed for a heart catheterization lab C-arm.

In total, the 34 pieces of equipment will facilitate care providers in diagnosing patients more quickly, treating them more efficiently, and will create a more comfortable environment for both staff and patients alike.

“My team and I rely on this equipment to perform procedures that save lives,” says cardiologist Dr. Della Siega. “I cannot say enough how inspiring it is for us all to know we have the support of our community to help fund equipment that allows us to do this complex and delicate work.”

Nearly there

The campaign began in October 2017, and so far the organization has raised over $2.5 million of their target amount – and they’ll keep going until the goal is reached!

Thanks to individual donors and charitable businesses alike, the Victoria Hospitals Foundation has been able to ensure that care providers have the best possible tools available to aid them in saving countless lives.

It is worth mentioning that all contributions, large and small, are welcome – you don’t have to be wealthy to make a donation!

“We are so deeply grateful to the Victoria community for responding so well to the campaign,” says Victoria Hospitals Foundation CEO, Melanie Mahlman. “We also want to extend our gratitude to the care providers who quietly perform miracles everyday.”

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