Swoop, the ultra-low-cost carrier launched by WestJet, will begin operations in early 2018. (WestJet)

Yes, you read that right. Seven dollars and fifty cents for a flight.

Westjet’s new ultra-low-cost airline, Swoop, is offering absurdly low rates for cross-Canada travel.

Though no flights go directly to Vancouver Island yet, travellers looking to get the best bang for their buck might still want to consider ferrying over to Abbotsford to take advantage of on an exceptionally cheap trip.

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Swoop Deals
Screenshot via flyswoop.com

Though few flights will actually cost the eye-catching price of $7.50, the general affordability of Swoop’s flights will be a welcome option for travellers tired of shelling out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars just to make a domestic trip.

But like any low-cost airline, these flights can easily become much more expensive than they seem at first glance.

So, we prepared a quick guide to help you keep your Swoop booking as cheap as possible.

Choosing Dates:

Being as flexible as possible with travel dates helps a lot when it comes to Swoop. Check out their monthly price calendar and see what days offer the best deals.

Swoop Flight Prices
An example of flights from Abbotsford to Edmonton – screenshot via FlySwoop.com

Choosing Seats:

The Swoop seat selection is a little more complicated than most airlines. At first, it appears that no matter what seat you choose, you’ll have to pay extra. But to avoid extra seat costs, you can skip the selection process entirely.

Just click “continue”, and when the pop-up prompts you to choose, click “no thanks”.

Of course, this would mean splitting up your group into separate seats, but if you’re travelling on your own, that’s not applicable. So, you might as well save the extra few bucks!

Swoop Seat Selection
Screenshot via FlySwoop.com

“Extras” – Baggage and Priority Boarding

Now, this is where things can get pricey. Carry-on bags (i.e. anything going in an overhead bin) will cost you an extra $36.75, while checked baggage costs a minimum of $26.25, and increases heavily with every extra bag.

Travellers bringing lots of luggage might want to rethink their packing approach. But those who travel light (i.e. with one “personal item” that fits under a seat) can escape those hefty fees.

Here’s the full chart of baggage prices:

As for priority boarding, you can pay an extra $10.50 to get on the plane ahead of the crowd, but unless you’re really in a hurry to sit in an airplane seat and/or get a head start in the battle for the overhead compartments, this option is probably not necessary.

Again, just click continue, and when the website prompts you to add those “extras”, click “no thanks”.


Lastly, watch out for cancellation fees. Make sure your trip is definitely in the cards before you go ahead and book the flight(s). Cancelling will result in fees, except for in specific circumstances.

If that seems confusing, here’s the gist: Unless you book and then cancel right away (within 24 hours) – at least a week before the flight – you’re going to lose some money.

So, make sure all your details are correct before you press that “purchase” button.

But after that, simply enjoy the flight, and the savings!


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