(Free Spirit Spheres)

Fall has arrived, which means that we’re about to start hibernating and have been on the lookout for the coziest retreats on Vancouver Island…

…and we’ve just stumbled upon the perfect getaway that is now on our bucket list!

Behold Free Spirit Spheres: a resort full of suspended spherical treehouses that you can spend the night in.

Located near Qualicum Beach, this vacation spot has been in the worldwide spotlight more than once for offering a unique alternative to traditional hotels.

Three orbs to choose from

Nestled deep within the forests of Vancouver Island, Free Spirit Spheres currently offers three orbs for you to pick from: Eve, Eryn, and Melody.


(Free Spirit Spheres)

Perfect for the lone wolf traveller or a cozy couple, Eve embodies the spirit of these treehouses, with quaint minimalist furnishings that help you focus your attention on the beauty of the forest around you.

Spending a night in Eve will cost you $175 and up, and it’ll be a night you’ll never forget!


(Free Spirit Spheres)

Meet Eve’s younger sister, Eryn! This second Free Spirit Sphere is about 80% larger than the first, and can comfortably house up to 3 people.

It’s also got a few more creature comforts (like a small refrigerator) for those who don’t entirely want to give up their homely amenities. A night in Eryn starts at $299.


(Free Spirit Spheres)

Vibrant yellow Melody is all about the luxury! Although this sphere is the same size as Eryn, its black walnut interior has a more open-space concept, and is the only treehouse with its own indoor bathroom.

Housing 2 people at most, this one’s the most expensive of all, starting at $314 per night.

The man behind the mission

(Free Spirit Spheres)

The initiative to build spherical treehouses for people to stay in was taken by Tom Chudleigh – the mastermind and craftsman behind the project.

Chudleigh and his team are currently in the process of building two new orbs with even more innovative designs, to help them keep up with the demand and offer more options. Here’s a photo of Luna and Flora in the workshop:

(Free Spirit Spheres)

Call 250-757-9445 to book your treehouse adventure today!

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