Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

If you’re taking a trip up island this weekend, you might just spot one of the Avengers hanging out in a wetsuit!

Chris Hemsworth, a.k.a ‘Thor’, has uploaded a selfie of himself surfing the cold waves of Tofino.

“Not sure if we’re robbing banks or surfing but it’s damn cold in Canada 🇨🇦 well worth it though , what a beautiful place!!” reads the caption.

His instagram story showed a him in a bit of a struggle with the wetsuit, as he sarcastically proclaims it being “super comfortable” after finally getting it on right.

Don’t worry Chris, we’ve all been there!

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram
Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

The Australian actor also decided to blow off some steam by goofing around with a selfie stick.

This new selfie stick is so cool #amidoingitright #selfiestickadventures @azzagrist

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Hemsworth landed in Vancouver earlier this month to film Bad Times at El Royale, and filming will continue until April. So if you missed him in Tofino, there’s still a chance for you to spot the Australian actor on the mainland!