The Clipper V. (Clipper Vacations)

Upcoming spring and summer trips to and from Seattle just got even classier.

Victoria-Seattle travellers will now be able to experience the luxury of Clipper Vacation’s newest vessel, Victoria Clipper V (“five”).

Victoria Clipper V is a 52-metre high-speed catamaran that has a capacity of up to 440 passengers and is capable of travelling at 36 knots or about 67 kilometres per hour.

First Ever Clipper Business Class

The vessel will also feature both an Economy and Comfort Class, marking the first time Clipper Vacations will offer a version of business class transportation. With a larger overall platform, the sailing experience should also be much smoother.

Passengers will also have access to a gift and duty-free shop populated with local products, an onboard menu, and Clipper’s signature in-seat service.

After retiring two of their original ships in February, it’s no surprise to see a significant upgrade joining the Clipper Vacations fleet.

The vessel was purchased from Clipper’s parent company, Fast Reliable Seaways, and is set to sail March 9th.


The Clipper V. (Clipper Vacations)
Clipper V. (Clipper Vacations)

Comfort class:

Comfort Class. (Clipper Vacations)
Comfort Class. (Clipper Vacations)

Economy Class:

Economy Class (Clipper Vacations)
Economy Class (Clipper Vacations)

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