A weekend getaway took a sickening turn for one Victoria couple, after they received a shocking phone call from Animal Control Services.

Amie Tarkenter and her husband Tristan hired a professional dog sitter to take care of their pet Chihuahua, Chi Chi, last weekend while they took a two-day trip to Mount Washington.

However, while they were away, the dog sitter/walker allegedly took Chi Chi to Dallas Road beach and was spotted repeatedly throwing him into the ocean – the pup, who can’t swim, did his best to struggle back to shore each time.

Luckily, bystanders who observed the scene were able to step in and physically restrain the woman who was eventually taken into custody by Victoria Police officers.

The dog sitter, named in Tarkenter’s Facebook post as ‘Monica’, was reportedly having a mental breakdown that caused her actions.

Thankfully, Chi Chi was taken in by staff members at Victoria Animal Control Services, cuddled, bathed, wrapped in warm blankets – he is now safely with his family.

According to his owner’s comments, the family is planning to press charges against the dog-sitter


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