Mayfair Optometric Clinic Glasses Thief
Screen Shot via Facebook

A man who stole a pair of glasses from the Mayfair Optometric Clinic was spotted on surveillance video, and the local business is asking the public for help identifying him.

Along with contacting Victoria Police, Mayfair Optometric posted the video of the theft on Facebook and they used their caption to throw some serious shade.

“We are so sorry…”

“Dear Customer, we usually supply a case with the PURCHASE of our frames,” the business wrote. “We see you placing the frame in your pocket (watch mirror) and are so sorry this piece of our customer service got overlooked. Normally we give the case when the frame is PAID for, but obviously, this step was overlooked.”

“We have arranged with Victoria Police to offer you an all expenses paid lunch including transportation to their neighbourhood gathering location at Quadra and Caledonia, and we hope you enjoy the hospitality once we are able to determine who you are,” they continued.

To read the full Facebook Post, click here.

“To our community, if you recognize this individual, or you see our NIKE frame for sale online, please contact Victoria Police. And we would also appreciate that this post is SHARED all over social media, thanks!”