One of Brentwood Bay’s oldest legacies, Pages Used Books, needs our help to survive.

After 30 years of providing the community with thousands of stories, adventures, and memories, this Brentwood Bay bookstore is now at risk of becoming a relic of the past.

People in the neighbourhood who have grown up with Pages Used Books have set up a GoFundMe account to help its owner, Max, keep his life’s work alive.

“To everyone who loves books, villages, or both, please give this a read,” states book-lover, Lindsay Primrose.

“Shops like Pages Used Books in Brentwood Bay, BC are the heartbeat of any community, and if we’re not careful, we will lose them forever. Please consider donating, and while you’re at it, reflect on how ethically you spend your money.”

The fund aims to raise $2,000 to first help Max get back on his feet, and then get his store back in shape and open for business once more.

So far, the fundraiser has already received a total of over $800. Click here to donate and add your voice to the cause.

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