Criminal charges against Green Party leader Elizabeth May have been approved following an arrest during a pipeline protest March 23. (Energetic City/Twitter)

Saanich-Gulf Islands MP and Green Party leader Elizabeth May was one of the two MPs arrested during a protest rally at the Kinder Morgan facility on Burnaby Mountain today.

Burnaby South NDP MP Kennedy Stewart was also arrested during the protest, along with several dozen protestors.

The arrests were made after the members of the rally defied a court injunction banning protestors at the construction sites.

Saanich Gulf Islands Greens tweeted a message of support, following their leader’s arrest, stating that “The basis on which the Federal Government is Promoting Trans Mountain is flawed. We simply don’t know enough about how dilbit behaves in a Coastal Marine Environment.”

May has been charged with civil contempt for blocking the road, and is expected to appear in court on June 14th.


The incident elicited mixed responses on Twitter:

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