Picture this: you’re walking up Yates Street, heading over to the Odeon to catch the latest Star Wars movie.

It’s a typical drizzly Victoria afternoon, the streets are soaked, and you’re rushing to get out of the cold wetness. But suddenly, you feel your feet give away on one of those large steel grates and before you know it, you’re on the ground clutching your hip in pain.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, one visitor from Windsor, Ontario found out the hard way what many Victorians already know: if you step on the slippery, wet grates on the Yates Street sidewalk, you’re at risk of “doing the splits”.

Victor Green created a video narrating his experience on Yates Street, and calls on the City of Victoria to do get rid of the safety hazard.

As of now, the city’s public works department has been notified of the concern and will respond with a statement sometime next week.

Check out the video: