Jordan Shepherd Nanaimo RCMP

Just a day after Nanaimo Police appealed to the public to help locate a man wanted for fraud, Jordan Shepherd has been arrested.

At approximately 2:30 am on Thursday, 34-year-old Shepherd was arrested by Nanaimo Mounties as he slept in a vehicle parked outside a local motel. Shepherd was taken into custody without incident and will be appearing in Nanaimo Provincial court later today.

“The news release concerning Shepherd was posted to our detachment Facebook account and within hours, was viewed 20,0000 and shared over 700 times,” said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

“This story obviously touched a chord with many. Additionally, other victims have now come forward and will be interviewed by investigators assigned to this matter,” O’Brien continued.

Scamming Through Dating Websites

Shepherd allegedly scammed several women out of thousands of dollars over the course of six months last year.

Between February and August 2017, Jordan David Shepherd (who sometimes went by the name Dave Rofter) met several women in their mid-twenties to early-thirties in person, through social media, or on the ‘Plenty of Fish’ dating site.

He then swindled them out of thousands of dollars by pretending that he had lost his bank card or could not access it. He’d then get unsuspecting women to cash a cheque from “On the Rocks Surveying” and withdraw money for him from their accounts.

Once the cheque was cashed and he had the money, Shepherd would disappear, leaving the women to receive a notification from their bank, stating that “On the Rocks Surveying” did not exist.