(Victoria Flower Count)

The sun has arrived, Daylight Saving has returned, and hoodies are slowly replacing jackets as the outerwear of choice.

Which means it’s time to tally up the results from the Victoria Flower Count, a celebration of Victoria’s ‘City of Gardens’ status, and a light-hearted reminder that we boast Canada’s mildest climate.

(Meanwhile, the rest of Canada is out measuring their recent snowfall.)

Bloomingest community

Greater Victorians counted nearly 3.5 billion blooms in early March, a serious increase from 2017’s count, which tallied 138.8-million.

The “Bloomingest” 2018 community was Colwood, who counted roughly 2-billion blooms. That’s almost 58% of the Greater Victoria count!

Saanich was the runner up, accounting for just under 722-million blooms, while John Stubbs Elementary won the school challenge by counting 1.8-billion blooms.

Great job Victoria! That’s a lot of flowers.

Precise statistics

Greater Victoria bloom count: 3,367,394,781

“Bloomingest Community”, Colwood: 2,029,598,802

“Community Runner Up”, Saanich: 721,903,164


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