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Did you hear that rumble?

An unusual noise was audible to some residents in Esquimalt over the past week, but don’t be alarmed. The rumbling isn’t the result of an earthquake or indigestion, rather, it’s our noisy neighbours down south.

Rumbling Noise Whitby Island
Screenshot via Google Maps

Specifically, jet carrier operations at the U.S. Naval Air Station on Whitby Island are to blame.

Jet operations happen every day, but over the past week, Field Carrier Landing Practice has been taking place, meaning the EA-G18 Growlers fly significantly lower than usual.

The result is a ridiculously loud, low rumble that can be heard for dozens of kilometers. Locals residing in the surrounding islands have reportedly felt their homes shaking.

The Field Carrier Landing Practice has been scheduled throughout the week, with their final scheduled flight set for tomorrow (Friday, March 23rd), in the “mid to late morning.”

Now you know!