Grab your controllers!

Next weekend, students at the University of Victoria will be hosting the island’s largest annual Super Smash Bros tournament, and it’s going to be legendary.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to register for the upcoming war, and they’ve got five battles you can pick from:

  • Smash 64 Singles
  • Smash 4 Doubles
  • Melee Doubles
  • Smash 4 Singles
  • Melee Singles

This is your chance to prove your prowess, as you compete against players from all over BC. The event is open to all ages and skill levels, so don’t be shy!

Entrants will have a shot at winning the $150 pot bonus for Smash 4 Singles, and $100 Pot Bonus for Smash 4 Doubles.

And if you’re not a player but still love the game, go cheer on your favourite competitors – spectating is absolutely free!

Trinity 2018 | A Vancouver Island Smash Tournament

  • When: Saturday, March 31st, 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Where: Engineering and Computer Science Building, University of Victoria
  • Admission: SMASH 64 SINGLES ($5)
    SMASH 4 DOUBLES ($10)
    SMASH 4 SINGLES ($7)
    Click here to register