Post-Oscars Victoria
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The 2018 Oscars are now over, but your chances of seeing a celebrity up close might actually be increased over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to a recent Variety article, Victoria might soon attract some big names. “The Best Post-Oscars Vacation Spots for Celebrities and Civilians Alike” specifically recommends BC’s capital city for prospective visitors.

“Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds teased fans last summer with an Instagram stop outside the X-Men’s Hatley Castle in Victoria on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island,” reads the article. “[But] Victoria’s charms extend well beyond its oft-filmed locations.”

“The scenic inner harbor is fronted by the equally photogenic Fairmont’s Empress Hotel; nearby the independent-minded 64-room Magnolia Hotel & Spa offers a quiet respite,” the article continues.

Hiking and Butchart Gardens Recommended

The article also recommended visits to the “renowned 55-acre Butchart Gardens,” as well as hikes, hot springs, and “forest bathing”.

Variety is a popular weekly American entertainment trade magazine and website, with hundreds of thousands of readers.

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