(Made in Vic/Liam McLachlan)

Ever get tired of finding edited or doctored images and not knowing what’s real on the internet?

Do you have a hunger to capture the raw spirit and soul of our city without the filters on Instagram or the prejudices of social media?

Then Liam McLachlan’s ‘Made in Vic’ project is exactly what you need.

(2010 starting a fire/Camera #015)

100 disposable cameras on a mission

In 2010, McLachlan wanted to find out more about all the interesting things happening in Victoria through different perspectives, without any effects or adulteration.

So he went to a local, Fort Street cafe and handed out 100 classic disposable cameras with around 30 frames each to anyone who shared his vision, asking them to take photos of special moments around town that can’t ever be replicated.

The result?

Around 3000 one-of-a-kind moments in Victoria from every different perspective imaginable, standing still in time, perfectly imperfect.

(2010 Public pillow fight from camera #007)

This year’s goals

Now, eight years later, McLachlan wants to bring his original idea back, bigger and better than before.

His plan is to use his ‘Made in Vic’ project to showcase not just individuals but also small businesses that use locally sourced ingredients and materials to produce their goods.

But most importantly, the idea is to capture special moments in time that offer a glimpse beyond the curtains of our everyday lives.

Once the cameras are retrieved, the finished product will be shared with the world on his website.

(2010 A special moment/Camera #009)


In 2010, Liam only got back about half of the cameras he handed out, leading to the realization that paying out of pocket for this project would soon become very expensive.

So he decided to present his idea to the world and see if they want him to make it become a reality. Click here to donate to the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the 100 Cameras: Made in Vic project.

If the monetary goal is not met, McLachlan will not be able to carry out the project this summer, but promises to find a way to make it happen at some point in the future.

You can find more examples of the photos taken by participants in 2010 at www.madeinvic.ca/100cameras.

(2010 Exploring/Camera #017)