This afternoon, the CRD addressed a bylaw amendment that will affect vapers and cannabis smokers in Victoria.

Introduced in 2014, the city’s Clean Air Bylaw banned tobacco smoking at all parks, playgrounds, playing fields, public squares and bus stops. It also extended the smoke-free buffer zone outside of doorways, windows and air intakes from three metres to seven metres.

Today’s update to the bylaw has now banned vaping, smoking weed, or “burning any substances” in the spaces designated by the existing Clean Air Bylaw.

These also include playing fields, playgrounds, and public squares. Anyone who does not comply with the new rules may be subject to municipal fines.

“The changes to the bylaw will build on the CRD’s continued commitment to the health and wellbeing of all Greater Victorians,” says Dr. Richard Stanwick, Island Health’s Chief Medical Health Officer.

“These added measures are especially important for children, youth and people with underlying health problems associated with exposure to smoke.”

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