Current Swell Music Video Victoria
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Victoria’s Central Branch library is a great place to grab books, but apparently, it’s also the perfect place to shoot a music video!

That’s exactly what Current Swell did for their latest single When To Talk and When To Listen, using the bookshelves, desks, and chairs to create a charming narrative featuring two librarians making a homemade, old-school video after hours.

The older gentleman who dances and lip-syncs throughout the film is actually the father of Current Swell’s bass player Louis Sadava!

“The main actor is our bass player’s dad Mike,” Current Swell wrote on Facebook. “We think he killed and he’s available for your next dance party.”

Not The First Local Video

Though this might be the band’s most obviously Victoria-based music video, they actually have a habit of featuring the west coast in their footage.

Current Swell’s Scott Stanton, Dave Lang, Louis Sadava and Chris Petersen actually started making music on Vancouver Island, and spend time here when they’re not touring.

For example, their hit Young and Able features a quintessential Islander experience of piling into a van for a ferry ride, a beach bonfire, and of course great music.

Their song Rollin’ also appears to feature some landscapes that look an awful lot like those here in Victoria…

But before you go down the YouTube music rabbit hole, check out the band’s great new video below!

Want to watch the band live this summer? They’re performing at the Laketown Shaketown in the Cowichan Valley on May long weekend! Tickets available here.