Memorial for Adam-Jesse Wakeling (Yannick Aubin / Facebook)

Losing a child is tragic enough, but one mother has recently had insult added to injury in the form of a stolen memorial.

Yannick Aubin, whose son Adam-Jesse Wakeling died at age 13 in 2012, penned an open letter on social media to the whoever stole the angels and crosses from her son’s memorial site, near Slegg Lumber on Sooke Road.

AJ Wakeling Memorial Stolen
AJ Wakeling (Yannick Aubin / Facebook)

Open Letter:

“Why?” Aubin asked. “There’s very little, if any value. If your goal was to hurt me or my family, you failed. We lost a piece of our hearts, not much can truly affect us after, much less such a useless cowardly act.”

“Think about it, you stole angels that represented my deceased son… Let that sink in. My son is in my heart, he’s always by my side and my boys side. What do you have? A cold black heart,” she said.

On October 23, 2012, AJ was crossing between Glenshire Road and the Slegg Lumber parking lot entrance when he was struck by a small pickup truck in the eastbound lane.

AJ’s twin witnessed the accident and another sibling arrived on the scene as police investigated.

If you have any information about the theft, or you happen to see any of the stolen items, contact Yannick Aubin or Darrin Brown.

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