Accident Blanshard and Bay
Screenshot via Reddit

Unfortunately, traffic accidents around Victoria are far from uncommon, but it’s not every day that one is caught on camera.

But last night, a dashcam did exactly that. On April 25 around 9:50 pm, a Reddit user by the name thebestnicknar had his camera running when two vehicles collided at the intersection of Blanshard Street and Bay Street.

That video (see below) was posted to Reddit this morning with the title “Blanshard at Bay Accident”. In just an hour, it had reached the top of the /r/VictoriaBC subreddit and garnered dozens of comments.

Victoria Police Following Up

A couple of those comments came from Victoria Police, specifically spokesman Bowen Osoko. He asked for the date and time of the accident, and then – after getting the relevant info – said “Awesome. Thanks for stopping and for making sure everyone didn’t need help. I’m connect with our Traffic section to ensure they’re aware footage of the collision exists.”

His reply was directed to ‘thebestnicknar,’ who said in a comment that “I did stop, but as there were a number of witnesses at the scene already helping, so I did not talk to police at the time. I did phone the VicPD non  emergency number and left my phone number and name last night when I got home.”

Other commenters are continuing to debate whose fault the accident is. In the video, one driver appears to be turning left, while the other is trying to beat the yellow light.

“One person had non-life-threatening injuries. It appears to still be under investigation,” Osoko told Victoria Buzz.


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