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It appears Canadian’s opinions of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline project are slowly shifting towards giving the green light.

After poll results were released by Angus Reid yesterday, 65% of Canadians now say the BC government is wrong to block the pipeline, representing a 10% increase from February’s result of 55%.

With both BC Premier John Horgan and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley getting involved in the discussion, along with the rest of the nation, it does not appear the dialogue will be slowing down any time soon.

British Columbians remain divided on pipeline, potential risks

British Columbian support for the pipeline has slowly increased since February, as the pipeline garners national attention.

In February 48% of British Columbians supported the pipeline, but that number has now climbed to 54% for April.

That number stays consistent for Vancouver Islanders, who also offer a 54% approval, while Metro Vancouver residents show an even split of support with 50%.

In the rest of British Columbia, however, 60% of residents support the pipeline.

(Angus Reid)

Still, the pipeline debate appears to boil down to a simple question for many people: do the potential economic benefits outweigh the risk of an environmental disaster?

Which is where British Columbia finds its deepest divide.

35% of British Columbians believe the financial implications outweigh the environmental risks, while 34% have concluded the environmental risks are of greater concern than the financial benefits. 30%, meanwhile, believe the benefits are roughly equal.

Which is a long-winded way to say that we are nowhere close to a consensus.

(Angus Reid)

There is more of a consensus, however, on which aspect of risk British Columbians are most concerned about.

When asked to select one potential risk or danger regarding the pipeline they are most concerned about, 52% of British Columbians said an oil tanker spill or accident is their greatest concern.

Comparatively, the next highest answer was “overall environment/fossil fuels”, which saw 16% of the votes.

(Angus Reid)

With reports suggesting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will offer Federal support to push through pipeline opposition, in the end, it may not matter what British Columbians think.

But for now, we want to know more. Fill out our poll below.

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