Beaver Most Canadian Thing Ever
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Nanaimo RCMP officers responded in force on Wednesday to a report of a possible break and enter in progress. What they found was not quite what they expected.

The panicked 911 call came in at approximately 10:30 pm on Wednesday April 18th from a resident on Sun Valley Drive.

In a release, Nanaimo RCMP Cst. Gary O’Brien said that “when officers arrived they immediately set up containment and approached with the scene with trepidation.”

“Using skills acquired and honed over the years they were physically and mentally prepared to accept the challenge head on,” he said.

Suspect Was Furrier Than Anticipated

“Come out with your hands up, don’t make any quick movements,” said the attending officer.

Slowly and deliberately the suspect availed itself to the officers and with paws and tail in the air; a full grown beaver waddled out and into the open!

According to the Cst. O’Brien, “the officers tried asking the beaver for some identification but with a shake of its tail, it simply meandered through the yard and was last seen heading southbound, in search of more beaver-friendly hangouts.”

The officers reassured the panicked caller that the situation had been resolved and when she was told it was a beaver, they all shared a good laugh and chalked it up to just another day in Nanaimo.


The resident of the house in question, Jessica Boyd, posted about the incident on Facebook later that night.

“So this just happened…. I heard horrible scratching sounds at the side of my house. I legit thought someone was breaking in…. I called my neighbor Liz… she called 911…. they show up and it’s a freaking BEAVER stuck in my back yard!!!! #ohcanada #mostcanadian”

If we had a nickel for every time this happened… We’d have exactly one nickel.

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