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Public Wi-Fi seems to be everpresent in Canada, but surprisingly, some of the places that could use it the most are sorely lacking.

Now, a new petition is seeking to right that wrong by calling on Canadian hospitals to institute free public Wi-Fi.

“Are you tired of no internet access in Canadian hospitals?” it reads. “So are we.”

“Some hospitals in Canada do offer free Wi-Fi; while others have you pay for it or have no access at all. If you are lucky your hospital may be close to a free hotspot, from a nearby restaurant or store, but that won’t work usually throughout the whole hospital.”

Hospitals usually provide computers that have internet access, but in the age of iPads, smartphones, and laptops, those have become rather outdated and inconvenient.

Local Basis for Nation-Wide Petition

Royal Jubilee Hospital
Royal Jubilee Hospital – (

The hospital that appears to have triggered the call for Wi-Fi is none other than Victoria’s own Royal Jubilee.

“We started this to show the Royal Jubilee Hospital the need/want of free internet access,” the petition reads.

“Let’s show our hospitals that we do want free Wi-Fi throughout the hospital, especially [in] patients rooms… Many hospitals may already be in the process of getting internet access, hopefully showing them this petition will help speed things along.”

The lack of Wi-Fi in hospitals is by no means a new problem, but perhaps with the help of a few thousand signatures, patients and families will recieve an easier way to connect.

To sign the petition, click here.



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