Saanich Police Pig
Photo via Facebook

Police work can be dangerous at times, but also occasionally hilarious. Luckily the latter was the case this morning as a pair of Saanich Police officers had to subdue a runaway pig.

At around 7:00 am on Friday, with the Saanich Pound unavailable, officers attended to reports of a piggy “off to market” near Cordova Bay Road.

According to a Facebook post, the pig was headed for the Pat Bay Highway. So if the officers hadn’t been on the scene, a motorist could have been in for a dangerous surprise.

“Luckily they were able to prevent a disaster from happening for an unsuspecting motorist,” Saanich Police wrote on Facebook. “Thanks guys – You can feel good about bringing home the bacon this morning.”

Hopefully, that phrase was just a metaphor.

Facebook Post & Photos:

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Posted by Saanich Police on Friday, April 20, 2018

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