It looks like Second Cup customers will be able to add more than just coffee to their morning routine soon.

Second Cup has announced that, in collaboration with National Access Cannabis (NAC), they will be converting some of their existing coffee shops into cannabis retailers.

Beginning with a focus on Western Canada, NAC will build on Second Cup’s existing retail footprint in Canada. They will then expand to the rest of the nation once legalization comes into effect.

“With exceptional quality real estate located across Canada, our alliance with Second Cup will offer consumers access to quality cannabis products and the superior service in the comfortable setting they’ve come to expect from NAC,” said Mark Goliger, Chief Executive Officer of National Access Cannabis.

No pot outside? No problem

The announcement appears exceptionally well-timed for Victorians after the Clean Air Bylaw was updated recently to prohibit all weed smoking, vaping, and “burning any substance” in designated spaces.

It seems inevitable that public space and pot consumption will have to find a happy medium at some point, and partnerships like this may offer a middle ground for the smoke-free public and marijuana enthusiasts.

With legalization on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how these types of spaces evolve to accommodate both pot users and those interested in avoiding smoke and marijuana in general.