(Victoria BC Today)

Fancy some R&R after a long day of riding your bike everywhere?

As first reported by Victoria BC Today, after beginning the construction of the Fort Street bike lanes, the City of Victoria decided that the project was missing one important element: giant, 14-person hot tubs.

Comfort and aesthetics

“People who choose to ride bicycles instead of driving are an incredible asset to our community,” stated assistant to the mayor, Sia Phelps. (Earlier today, Phelps announced that the new Johnson Street bridge will be converted entirely into bike lanes)

“These public outdoor hot tubs can comfortably fit 14 people, have the aesthetic appeal that Fort Street so desperately needs, and provide some well deserved relaxation for our hard working cyclists.”

She went on to tell us that although drivers and pedestrians will not be excluded from soaking away their sorrows in these tubs, it will come at a price for anyone who’s not a cyclist.

“The council has come to the decision that drivers will be charged $2 per hour, while pedestrians will pay $1 per hour for the use of the tubs. We consider this a small price to pay for the large impact that their transportation methods have on our environment,” said Phelps.

All in all, it has been a great day for cyclists, who will be the main beneficiaries of the City’s decisions today.

Check out these photos of the Fort Street hot tub project:


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