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A major cruise line has come under international scrutiny after passengers took to social media to reveal their nightmarish experiences onboard.

The cruise ship ‘Norwegian Sun’ set sail from Miami, Florida on March 16th with over 2,000 passengers expecting a relaxing two-week vacation.

Instead, they were treated to what some guests called a “floating construction site” when crews began conducting ship repairs and upgrades during the trip.

Health and safety hazards

A Facebook group for passengers aboard the Norwegian Sun has garnered over 1,000 members who have gathered together to talk about their experiences. According to their reports, dust and fumes from the chemicals used during construction led to many people developing nasty coughs.

“Workers were wearing protective masks,” writes Tom Hitchcock, while passengers were left to breathe in the dust and byproducts of the work being done. Other witnesses saw crews wearing full hazmat suits while examining restrooms.

These posts also detailed how several areas of the ship were cordoned off, including Emergency Exits, which created a potential safety hazard.

“Home in the UK, and I’m still coughing, my lips are still cracked and sore, and I’m still getting some nasty stuff out of my sinuses,” wrote MeJulie Mitch on Wednesday.

Norwegian Cruise Line responds

After the story started creating headlines around the world, Norwegian Cruise Line finally responded to its disgruntled clientele.

To all of the passengers aboard the March 16th cruise, the company is offering a 100% fare credit towards another cruise within 5 the next years.

While the intention was to give people a free cruise in return for their troubles, most of the guests say this gesture not enough. “This does not include port fees, taxes, service charges that we would have to pay AGAIN on this ‘FREE CRUISE’,” writes Terry Pereda.

The Norwegian Sun reached the Esquimalt Graving Dock for a refit this Tuesday, and will be making a stop at Ogden Point for a few hours on April 20th.

Check out these photos of the disastrous cruise: 

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(Chemicals stored on deck/Pat Litz/Facebook)
(Jerry Polasek/Facebook)
(Jerry Polasek/Facebook)
(Jerry Polasek/Facebook)

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