(Blaha Youcef Benkada/Facebook)

Most Vancouver Islanders have probably witnessed firsthand the point at which the Fraser River meets the Strait of Georgia. Nevertheless, it is a sight to behold each time.

Recently, a video of the phenomenon was posted to a Facebook group called ‘The most beautiful photos and videos in the world’, and has since been shared almost a million times by users around the world.

Although several commenters tried to account for this unusual occurrence by citing scripture from the Bible and Quran, the official explanation lies in the fact that the silt-laden fresh water of the Fraser River and the sea water of the Strait of Georgia do not mix and therefore form a clearly visible boundary between each other.

This natural occurrence makes for a striking and unparalleled view. The video in question was taken on board a BC Ferries vessel that was en route from Vancouver Island to the mainland.

Check it out: