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We’ve always known that Victoria is a piece of treasure, but for it to be called an “urban jewel” by an international newspaper is priceless!

In a piece entitled ‘36 Hours in Victoria, British Columbia‘, author Suzanne Carmick highlights some of the culture and entertainment hubs of the city.

From Bastion Square to Munro’s Books, the article takes you on a trip through a literary and historical account of the heart of Victoria.

Unlike most tourism features, this one ventures outside of downtown Victoria and the main attractions (inner harbour, Royal BC Museum, etc.). It also makes a beeline for Dallas Road, making stops at Fisherman’s Wharf and Ross Bay Cemetery along the way.

And when it comes to food, who can begrudge Victorians their brunch?

Carmick accurately captures the spirit of our town when she suggests a light brunch at Agrius. Other eateries mentioned in the article are Foo Asian Street Food, Venus Sophia Tea Room, Olo, Little Jumbo, and the Q Restaurant and Bar.

This list of things to do and places to go in Victoria is, of course, not nearly comprehensive – we’ve got so much more to offer. However it does do a great job of picking out some of the most exciting and worthwhile attractions that even some locals may not have had a chance to try.

In a follow-up article, Alan Henry tells also tourists ‘What to Pack for a Trip to Victoria, British Columbia‘. Most of his suggestions have something to do with preparing for rainy weather – no surprises there!

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