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UPDATE: Shawna has been contacted by a family friend of Elyjah’s and hopes to connect with him soon!

EARLIER: They say birthdays are all about friends, family, and celebration.

But let’s face it: when you’re turning 12, presents are a pretty important part of it!

Unfortunately, one newly turned 12-year-old named Elyjah lost a birthday card and present from his friend Matty while they were celebrating his special day at Beacon Hill Park.

Good Samaritan Shawna Beamish was walking through the park when she came across the Ziploc bag with $20 and a thoughtful, handmade “Happy 12th Birthday” card.

The back of the card reads “To: Elyjah, From: Matty”. So she took to social media to share her find, and try to locate either one of the two kids to return it.

If neither of them are found, she will donate the money to the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm petting zoo.

Her Facebook post has been shared over 1.4K times, so the chances of finding at least one of the two boys is looking fairly high!

Do you know who they might be?

NEW UPDATE: Card with money has been returned to Elyjah's mom! Thanks for all the shares, it's heartwarming to see…

Posted by Shawna Beamish on Saturday, April 14, 2018

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