(Shena Cunningham / Facebook)

Here’s a little moment of wonder for your day. A message in a bottle written by a Victorian has washed up on the shores of Florence, Oregon, over 600 kilometres away!

If that wasn’t awesome enough, the message itself is full of inspiration and kindness.

Full Message:
Message in a bottle Victoria
The bottle in which the message arrived in. (Shena Cunningham / Facebook)

Life is a treasure, seek it, enjoy it. Wear it around your neck like a beautiful necklace. What people think of u is not necessarily what you are. Somewhere in your soul you believe. You are beauty. Like anything, you sometimes get desperate and destroy something. But like all of us the sun still shines reflecting what you are inside. I sail away in the night winds. You will always stay with me.

The writer herself, Heidi K. (her last name is hard to decipher) has yet to be tracked down. But let us know if you have any leads!

Perhaps there are more similarly-inspirational pieces of paper floating around the Pacific, just waiting to meet an unsuspecting beachcomber.

Where’s Sting when you need him…


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