sxʷeŋ’xʷəŋ taŋ’exw James Bay Branch
sxʷeŋ’xʷəŋ taŋ’exw James Bay Branch - Photo via

Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ James Bay Branch!

Combining Victoria’s newest book-borrowing building with that old Arthur tune might not have the same ring to it, but seeing a new place to read and learn is still something to celebrate.

This Monday, Victorians will have a chance to enjoy some books in a new neck of the woods: James Bay.

The sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ James Bay Branch will open at 10:00 am on Monday, April 9!

Name Suggested By Public

Victoria City Council selected the name of the sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ James Bay Branch (pronounced s-hweng hw-ung tongue-oo-hw) after asking the public to submit suggestions.

The City of Victoria held a Name That Library campaign last year, which received more than 600 submissions.

The greatest support was for a First Nations name. City Council consulted with the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, and settled on sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ.

Though the spelling might look indecipherable to many, it’s actually easier to pronounce than you’d think.

Listen to it being said by Songhees Nation Elder Dr. Elmer Seniemten George:

In addition to naming the branch, City Council also named the two meeting rooms: the Dr. Elmer Seniemten George M.S.M. Community Room (pronounced Sen-eem-ten) and the Mifflin Wistar Gibbs Study Room (pronounced Wis-ter).

sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ James Bay Branch Hours:

Day Open Closed
Opening Monday, April 9.
Monday 10:00 am 6:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am 6:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am 9:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am 6:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am 6:00 pm
Sunday 1:00 pm 5:00 pm


Why not head down and find your next great reading adventure – unless you’d rather read more Victoria Buzz articles, of course…


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