Did you know that as a Canadian passport holder, you can travel to 185 countries without a visa?

According to a recent study conducted by Henley & Partners Passport Index, Canada is fifth on a global scale which ranks how powerful passports are based on how many countries their holders can travel to visa-free.

The Henley Passport Index surveys 199 countries, and the rankings show how well each country manages their diplomatic relations in order to afford their citizens visa-free travel to other nations, territories, and micro-states in the world.

The top spot went to Japan, whose citizens can visit 189 countries without a visa. Canada tied for fifth place with Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, and Ireland with a VFS (visa-free score) of 185.

Citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq can only go to 30 countries without a visa, and their passports hold the last spot on the ranking list.

Top 10 most powerful passports in the world:

1. Japan – Visa-free access to 189 countries

2. Germany, Singapore – Visa-free access to 188 countries

3. Finland, France, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Sweden – Visa-free access to 187 countries

4. Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK, USA – Visa-free access to 186 countries

5. Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland – Visa-free access to 185 countries

6. Greece, Australia – Visa-free access to 183 countries

7. Czech Republic, Malta, New Zealand – Visa-free access to 182 countries

8. Iceland – Visa-free access to 181 countries

9. Hungary, Slovenia, Malaysia – Visa-free access to 180 countries

10. Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia – Visa-free access to 179 countries

10 least powerful passports in the world

100. Afghanistan, Iraq – Visa-free access to 30 countries

99. Syria, Somalia – Visa-free access to 32 countries

98. Pakistan – Visa-free access to 33 countries

97. Yemen – Visa-free access to 37 countries

96. Palestinian Territory, Eritrea, Sudan – Visa-free access to 39 countries

95. Nepal – Visa-free access to 40 countries

94. Libya, Lebanon, Bangladesh, South Sudan – Visa-free access to 41 countries

93. Ethiopia, Sri Lanka – Visa-free access to 42 countries

92. Iran, North Korea, Congo – Visa-free access to 43 countries

91. Kosovo – Visa-free access to 44 countries

90. Djibouti – Visa-free access to 45 countries

Click here for the full list. 

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