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A construction vehicle caused quite a commotion this morning when it tipped over and latched itself onto a building in downtown Victoria.

During the ongoing renovations at the Customs House on Courtney and Government Streets, a bobcat was working on unloading materials through a third-floor window when it tipped over and lodged itself inside the building with the loader hanging outside the building.

According to a spokesperson from Richlock Rentals, the cause of the incident seems to be a technical error in the way the equipment was operated.

Construction crew members on site told Victoria Buzz that it appears the hydraulic fluid line blew, and the load in the bucket may have been too heavy and caused it to tip over.

The front-end loader was hanging out of the building’s third-floor window, and over the side of the building. Crews used a crane to safely push the apparatus back into the building.

The operator was able to get away from the machine unharmed but was shaken. No other, other injuries were reported.

The Customs House building is in the process of being renovated into luxury waterfront condos.

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